by Zephaniah

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Zephaniah's epic 2nd full-length. Power/thrash metal.


released February 12, 2016

Vocals - Logan Detwiler
Guitars/Keys - Justin Zych
Guitars - Tony Rudny
Bass - Ian Bender
Drums - Cody Johns

Written and produced by Zephaniah
Recorded at Ron Daniel Studios | Fort Wayne, IN
Drums recorded at Arend Raby Studios | Fort Wayne, IN
Mixed by Tom Buechel at Birchard Studios | Fort Wayne, IN
Mastered by Stu Marshall at Frontier Mastering | Sydney, Australia
Album artwork by Kip Ayers, Graphic Design by Tony Rudny



all rights reserved


Zephaniah Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Track Name: Reforged
A lone warrior holds aloft the sword of rubies
He holds it High above his head
A lone conspirator plots the swords destruction
To bring its glory to an end

Coming in the night
Hidden by shadows
Playing out his treachery

Brought together from the ends of the world
Broken pieces of a mighty blade
The anvil strike sings an awesome chord
We are reforged

The blade lies fractured
Ne ’ere to be whole again
Strewn about the ground
Shards of ruby can’t be found
Songs and tales were told
Of the famous sword of old
In a growing time of need
Legends return to reality

Forgotten fractals made whole again
Coming together
bringing darkness to an end

From the fires of the forge
Like a phoenix reborn
Sparks ignite the irons core
Bound together through the storm
Lightning strikes crashing down
As we hear a thunderous sound
Resurrecting our almighty steel

Complete once more, the blade of fabled legend is now stronger than it previously was.
Unbeatable and magical, the kings sword brought glory back to its wielder and all those who bore witness to it’s might and power!!

(T. Rudny solo)
(J. Zych solo)
(I. Bender Bass solo)
(C. Johns drum solo)
(J. Zych solo)
(T. Rudny solo)
(I. Bender bass solo)
(C. Johns drum solo)
(J. Zych solo)
(T. Rudny solo)
(I. Bender bass solo)
Track Name: Destiny
Far across the sky
In a distant time
People fight
For there lives decline
No hope to cling to
All seems lost
They have to pay the price
No matter the cost
Nowhere to go
The wasteland is their home

No food, No water, No way to survive
Against all odds, they keep hope alive

Fight on forever
Don’t lose your soul
Keep your hands held high
Into our destiny
We will ride

A story passed along
From the olden days
Tells of a place
Free from malice and rage
In a desperate march
They cross the barren lands
But no green was found
Only death in the sands
One by one they fall
The earth reclaims them all

Having been deceived
Their Hope was in vain
Carried on the wind
All their screams on pain

(J. Zych solo)
Track Name: Mad Max
I am the night rider
I’m a fuel injected suicide machine
I am the rocker; I am the roller
I am the out of controller
Down the road with fire in my eyes
Driving fast, cheating death
Faster, faster, faster, FASTER
You can’t take me alive

In a world gone cold
With hot blood I still roam
Bringing justice from the law
No time to wait
The wheels of fate
Are rolling towards me

The knight rider is dead
Brought down by the justice of the law
His peoples rage, on display
Destroying all they see
Upon the sea of hot asphalt
With fury the gang rides
Beating, stealing, raping, DEATH
Into glory ride

Marked by Toecutter’s dismay
My family caught in the fray
In exchange for the life of their friend
My wife and child shall pay
Trapped on a desolate road
The getaway car goes cold
As I race to the horrifying scene
All I love is gone in an awful dream

(J. Zych solo)
(T. Rudny solo)
(C. Johns solo)
(T. Rudny solo)
(J. Zych solo)

Track Name: Road Warrior

Through the dust clouds and sandstorms I roam
Through this ravaged world that I call my home
Food and Fuel are in short supply
Sought by the merciless, those who fight them DIE
Only one upholds the law
Lone vigilante kills them all

It’s the end of the world
Nothing left but roads
He who drives the fastest
The highway is my battleground
My engine is the call
The warrior of the road

The final outpost with fuel reserves maintained
Comes under siege by outlaws unrestrained
Between life or death, to skirmish or take flight
Making their choice to flee into the night
One man stands between them all
Justice served, they will fall

(J. Zych solo)
(T. Rudny solo)
Track Name: Thunderdome

Coming from the wasteland
Into barter town
My supplies, followed here
Nowhere to be found
A deal is struck, with the witch
Who will decide my fate
Blood & sweat in the ring
Both run down my face

With all your strength
With all your might
You have to win
Or it’s your life

(J. Zych solo)

Master Blaster, behind the scenes
Controlling all the gas
Equal parts, Strong and smart
A giant killing mass
In the ring, a dome of spikes
Weapons all around
Flying High above my foe
I must strike him down

(T. Rudny solo)
(J. Zych solo)
(T. Rudny solo)
Track Name: Quest For The Royal Crown
Riding across a desert plain
Searching for new land to gain
An oasis of water lies just ahead
Guarded by men to be slain
Carrying our weapons, grasping our shields
None who are weak shall remain
Riding up swiftly killing them all
Making them feel fear and pain

Crushing, beating, destroying their homes
A sacrifice is made in vain
No one survives to carry on
Leaving no trace of their name

Five valiant warriors ride from the north
Traversing across the sand
Making a claim for the oasis hold
Victory is close at hand
An enemy escapes with the king’s royal crown
The water becomes naught but sand
We must ride forth to save our new home
And all of those left in our lands

Searching, hunting, chasing him down
To restore the peace to our lands
Slicing, Tearing, Breaking his bones
The villain will die in the sands

(T. Rudny solo)
(J. Zych solo)

Losing the trail and losing our way
Feeling like all hope is lost
The enemy is spotted, dead in our sights
We must stop him at any cost
Riding up swiftly, taking him down
Tearing him limb from limb
Searing his flesh Breaking his bones
All that is heard are his screams

Reclaiming the crown that’s rightfully ours
Returning it back to it’s home
Carrying it across the desert sands
In a casing made of his bones

As we enter the gates of our kingdom of sand
The cheers could be heard far and wide
The crown returned, back to it’s home
Rain clouds soon fill the sky
Nourishing waters fall down to earth
Giving new life to our tribe
Songs and tales will forever be told
Long live the five

Now that their quest has come to an end
In peace they live their lives
But not a soul shall ever forget
The deeds of the warriors five

Track Name: Judgement
You will see the day when your strength fails you
A day when man and beast will perish
You will try to run but I will pursue
Taking from you all you cherish

Do not pray to save your souls
When the hour of judgement tolls

I offered pain or salvation
Laid a path to Valhalla’s gate
You chose to face extermination
You will die on this judgement day

You will bear witness to the devastation
Black clouds dark skies doom and gloom
Your warriors will cry out in trepidation
Like wretched babies ripped from their wombs

(J. Zych solo)
(T. Rudny solo)
Track Name: Battle Hymn of the Victorious
Brothers come forth and have a drink with me
On the morrow we fight, death or victory
Join the fire, share in the glory, grab an ale
Raise up your mugs, join the chant of our epic tale

Into battle we shall ride
With mace and chain held high
But first we steal the night
And raise our pints
We sing triumphantly
Ancient tales of bravery
Our horns now filled with mead
We face our destiny

As warriors we toast and drink our fill
Grab the first wench you see and make her squeal
The band plays on, feasting all through the night
Raise up your fist, let out your battle cry
Prepare to fight

(J. Zych solo)
(T. Rudny solo)

Into battle we shall ride
With mace and chain held high
But first we steal the night
And raise our pints